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End of Web Design (July 25)
Websites must conform to a specific format or face annihilation. The web is a homogenous user experience, and individual designers should not kid themselves into thinking that they can innovate or improve on my ideas in any way.

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Harsh Reactions have followed the release of my new Idiotbox column. I've decided that I don't really care, though. I mean, I've read all the hate mail, and even the intelligently written mail, and while some of them seem to have valid arguments, I've decided to stick to my original idea just to save face. You see, once you admit that you might have been wrong, people stop respecting you, and you can no longer charge $300,000 to do reviews. And I've gotten to like being loaded.
(July 25)

There's a site up now called Astounding Websites that celebrates just about everything I spoke against in my Idiotbox column. It celebrates diversity in interests and techniques in web-design. Apparently they don't realize that every user is a drooling idiot who surfs in exactly the same way as every other user, and likewise for the exact same reasons. They seem to think that "diversity" is a good thing. I'm seriously starting to get sick of buzzwords like "unique" or "diverse" or "pretty". These things mean nothing on the web. We need homogenization and conformity. Those are words to live by.
(July 23)

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