A Month of Short Fiction

I’ve been meaning to mention this for several days now, but I suppose better late than never. Over at That Shakespeherian Rag, Steven Beattie is celebrating short fiction by blogging about a different short story every day for the entire month of August (an excellent month for celebrations, I think). This also coincides nicely with the joint launch of Salon des Refusés issues by Canadian Notes & Queries and The New Quarterly on the thirteenth (my birthday, as it happens, and yes, I took the night off so that I can attend the event), where Mr. Beattie will be a panelist.

So far several of my favourite writers have been represented, including Lydia Davis, Alice Munro, Flannery O’Connor, and my absolute favourite, Jorge Luis Borges. And I’m pleased to say that though there are several authors whose work I have not yet read (and at least two whose work I don’t particularly enjoy), I have so far managed to say that I am at least familiar with the names of all the authors but one (Etgar Keret). Be sure to read Mr. Beattie’s excellent introductory post.


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