Notice Anything Different?

After eight consecutive hours of sweating over code, I’ve managed to not only give the old homestead a fresh coat of paint, but I’ve finally made it properly functional again. There’s a search box on the right, which I removed four years ago after it broke and I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. It works again. I’ve updated my links, tweaked the about page (including the addition of my favourite photo of myself), and if you scroll all the way down to the bottom, you’ll find a new copyright notice and the very best renovation, pagination! You can now actually page back through previous entries (and then forward again, if you’re so inclined), a feature which was long overdue. The category archives are also paginated, so you won’t have to scroll through one single monstrous page when you check those out. I’ve also included more meta-data on each post (well, I’m now telling you in the post itself where I’ve categorized it). Also new in the sidebar (under “MORE VESTIGE.ORG”) are links to two mini-sites I built a few years ago (one dates back to July of 2000, the other to November 2002). Oddly, each of them brings me more visitors in a month than the blog does in a year.

What I haven’t done, is redesign the comment approval or search results pages. Which means that whatever those MovableType plug-ins have as their default look and feel, that’s what you’ll be getting for now. I may or may not deal with them later; for now it’s enough that they work. Everything else (links to individual entries, etc.) should be right where I left it, so if you run into any problems, please either leave me a comment in this entry, or drop me a line. Cheers!


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