“Mark Jarvis, Prophet”, An Excerpt

The following is an excerpt from the Encyclopaedia of Crypto-Anthropology, 2nd Canadian Edition, published in 2005 by The Society of Canadian Crypto-Anthropologists, Ottawa Chapter, compiled and edited by S.F. Jameson and E. Forrester-Pratt. Reprinted with permission.

Jarvis, Mark Samuel. born March 12th, 1963 — missing December 2nd, 2003

Mark Jarvis was a Canadian businessman, venture capitalist, and prophet. He was born in the small Northwestern Ontario village of Sioux Lookout to parents Samuel David Jarvis, electrician, and Ethel Marie Jarvis (née Hermann), nurse. Jarvis was born with a teratoma, a kind of tumor, usually benign, characterized by the growth of tissue associated with parts of the body other than where it is found. In males teratomata most often present at birth and tend to manifest as fleshy lumps on or about the coccyx or the neck. The tissues most commonly found in such tumors are from the lungs, brain, and kidneys, though more complex tissues may develop. Teratomata in females tend to present later in life and more regularly in the reproductive system. They are also more likely to develop more complex tissues and organs, and there have been anecdotal reports of the tumors developing as eyes or limbs. As a result, teratomata in women can often be mistaken for malformed fetuses. Jarvis’ teratoma was unusual in several respects; first, in that it was located around the anus, second, that it included extremely complex tissues such as teeth and hair, and third, that it could predict the future. His tumor took the form of a row of five teeth circling the outside edge of the anal sphincter, a small flap of skin covering the sphincter itself, and a row of thick hairs near the teeth that resembled eyelashes. His teratoma was diagnosed as benign, but declared inoperable due not only to its proximity to the anal sphincter, but also due to extensive intertwining of the tumor’s tissue and the inferior rectal nerves.


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