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My eyelids are heavy and my hands are cold for no apparent reason because I left the window open and this is a basement apartment wherein the heating is controlled by someone in an apartment the heat rises to rather than from, so what we have here is just a “hey, I’m alive” post for those of you that don’t follow my ramblings on Twitter.

There will be no e-books post this weekend, because apparently there’s some holiday called “Easter” coming up, and I’m going to be out of town visiting family, which is the sort of thing I do on holidays. Not having a laptop or other portable computing solution makes posting while out of town a touch difficult. On a related note, there won’t be any post on the Jeff Rubin book for a while either; I’m taking extra care reading it because I think it will help when it’s time to talk about the sustainability of e-readers. I’m even taking notes! Can you imagine that? I didn’t even take notes in university.

I posted the other day about Sociable, a party thrown by the inimitable Julie Wilson, and lo, there are photos that will make you jealous for having missed it, and you’ll only have to endure one snapshot of my crusty mug, seen sharing a frame with the always whatever-the-opposite-of-crusty-is Bronwyn Kienapple (who recently wrapped up her excellent I Am Not A Target Market series about male reading habits).

There will be a couple more books to watch out for in the near future. Through some bizarre concatenation of circumstances I’ve managed to acquire a copy of The Waterproof Bible, by Andrew Kaufman, The Burning Land, by Bernard Cornwell (which I’m going to have to get to soon so I can loan it to my father when he passes through town; he’s the one who gave me the first four in the series, after all), and next week the fine folks over at Melville House will be sending me a paperback copy of Hans Fallada’s Every Man Dies Alone (I was quick on the draw this afternoon and won a Twitter contest). So there’s that.

I managed to register on time for BookCampToronto this year. I’m very excited about that; last year I forgot about it until it was too late to register, and by all accounts I missed a powerful good time. I hear some interesting things were said and done concerning the future of books, and that makes it the place to be if you want to have your fingers in that particular pie. And lord do I.

Oh yeah, and some of you may have heard that I was recently interviewed via email by Erin Balser for Books@Torontoist. I’m kind of a long-winded bastard, so I do hope I managed to be at least marginally coherent.


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