Dear Facebook

re: recent changes to Facebook Connect/Open Graph

I am concerned that I had to ‘opt out’ rather than ‘opt in’ to letting Facebook and my friends on Facebook release my private information to third parties not of my choosing. This is a disturbing trend, and it’s clearly not in keeping with the spirit (nor perhaps the letter) of your agreement with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. Frankly, it feels like Beacon all over again, with OpenID grafted on top of it. I will continue to tighten my privacy settings and scale back my use of Facebook until such time as you have default settings and policies/practices that treat my privacy with respect, rather than making me feel like you’d sell my information to anyone and everyone, and just hope I won’t notice.


August C. Bourré


Writer. Editor. Critic.


  1. I, and several people I know, didn’t have to opt out. We were automatically opted out. I suspect it has something to do with your current privacy settings. That said, we shouldn’t all have to go scurrying off to check this shit every month, when Facebook makes even MORE changes.

  2. Interesting that you didn’t have to opt out. I already had my privacy settings on the most restricted I could make them, but when I went to adjust them today, nearly every single check box related to Facebook Connect and the new Open Graph system was checked (meaning I was opting in).

  3. I was automatically opted out too, but agree entirely that that should be the default. I’d even opt in to a one-time agreement that says, “We can harass you monthly with pleas to opt in in exchange for never doing it on your behalf.”

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