Community, 30 Rock, Parks & Recreation, and Rumours

Here’s the deal, kids. Nobody’s been cancelled yet, except 30 Rock. Here’s what went down:

There has been talk on Twitter and blogs and whatnot that 30 Rock was getting a 13 episode season for next year, which would be its last. That was confirmed today by TV By the Numbers, which in case you didn’t know, is probably the most reliable venue for this kind of news. There was speculation (and I can’t remember where I first saw it, but it may actually have been at TVBTN) that Community and some other sitcoms would be returning with similarly shortened orders. No announcement is planned on NBC’s other sitcoms until Monday, though it doesn’t look good for shows like Whitney (which is a guilty pleasure of mine).

The link-baiting idiots at something called Opposing Views, a site nobody had heard of until today, are reporting that rumour as fact for two sitcoms: Community, and Parks & Recreation. It’s not a bad guess for Community, which—while being the best and most innovative comedy on TV in at least a decade—is a ratings underdog despite a recent post-hiatus uptick (even beating American Idol at least once). Besides, Dan Harmon would be Tweeting his ass off right now if that information had already been released. (And as of his most recent tweets he has no idea what these people are talking about.) As for Parks & Recreation: It’s not a powerhouse, but is still one of NBC’s few ratings winners right now, and nobody has suggested it’s even potentially on the chopping block, making the rumour not only unlikely to be true, but bordering a little on the absurd. (I can’t imagine they’d cancel it to bank on Matt Perry and Anne Heche.)

The lesson here? Cool your jets, and don’t spread rumours. They might be true, but for right now your mourning is premature. Except for 30 Rock.


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  1. Now Vanity Fair is running a story this and they look to be getting their information from the New York Daily News. Link baiting idiots they may be, but Opposing Views seems to have stirred a hornet’s nest.

  2. Sadly, that is what entertainment journalism has become; rumour mongering and alternately flaying and fellating celebrities.

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