A New Look and A New Engine

Hello folks, and welcome to the new version of vestige.org. After more than a decade using a content management system called Movable Type I’ve determined that it’s no longer able to let me do the things I want to do easily, so I’ve decided to switch to WordPress instead. Half the world runs on WordPress these days, so this will also be an excuse to learn how it works. For right now1 I’ll be using a modified off-the-shelf theme rather than designing my own.

Things will look a little rough for a while, as importing my data has left some images looking weird, and so on. I’ll be trouble-shooting and tweaking all my old posts on an ongoing basis to get it looking as right as possible on this new system. I’d appreciate it if you’d forgive a little weirdness on older posts over the next few weeks or months.

Unfortunately my old permalinks will be broken. There’s nothing I can do about that; WordPress is different from Movable Type in a number of ways, and I don’t have the PHP skills to do the work necessary to maintain the old file structure. Additionally, I had taken a rather lax, un-planned approach to how post categories worked on Movable Type, and I have taken advantage of this change to clean those up considerably. Categories that have not had “parent” categories in the past now have them, and other parent/child category relationships have been moved around to make more sense. Movable Type was also very bad at handling tags, so I will be using those from now on as well. Hopefully this will make older content easier to find in the long run.

Finally, I have some new posts in the draft stage, and I now realize that my old blog’s disorganized structure and inability to handle the kinds of formatting changes I wanted to implement2 were keeping me from posting now almost as much as my being in the north was. So hopefully we shall see a lot of new posts around these parts. Vestige.org has been my home on the Web since February of 2000, so more than sixteen years now. I appreciate you sticking with me.


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