A Brief Biography of Vladimir Nabokov
An extremely brief summary of Nabokov's life and the emergence of Lolita
An Interview With Vladimir Nabokov
A brief posthumous interview conducted by August C. Bourré, on November 26th, 2002.
Morality as an Aesthetic Choice
A short exploration of Humbert Humbert's attraction to Dolores Haze as the result of an aesthetic sensibility rather than connected with Western society's moral norms.
Personal Responses to Lolita
A collection of personal responses to Nabokov's novel (although there is only one at present).
Designing Lolita
This essay describes the process of building a website which is scholarly, creative, and respectful of not only Nabokov's book, but also my own aesthetic sensibilities.

A Brief Biography of Vladimir Nabokov

At some point, Vladimir Nabokov was born.

At some other point (or rather at various other points), he wrote several books, one being Lolita, the subject of this website.

At a third point, Nabokov died.

by: August C. Bourré