Weekly Churn 008: Halifax

Ahoy! This is the Weekly Churn, where every Sunday I post about what I’ve been reading, watching, and thinking about over the previous week. I’m still in Nova Scotia. I’ve been staying at a very modest hotel in Halifax for nearly a week while my dad is in the hospital. I came down to visit my father because he needed an angiogram and I’ve become paranoid about medical stuff. Instead of having a simple out-patient test, they admitted him and he’s been waiting for heart surgery (stents, not open heart) since Wednesday. It’s scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. I’ve been trying to get some work done from this hotel, but mostly I’ve been freaking out in slow motion, getting very little sleep, eating a lot of crap and watching a lot of television. I’ve also gotten to know Halifax a lot better. There’s a really great independent bookstore here called Bookmark,… Continue Reading